Vintage Bus to Miss Christie’s Greenway

Sharon recently wrote a guest blog for me, a story written as a tribute to Agatha Christie inspired by my photos of her garden, Greenway, now a National trust property on the River Dart. In that post I said that there is very little parking there and they encourage you to arrive by public transport. When I went I got a ferry up from Dartmouth, a very relaxed way to travel. There are other choices though and this is one, a 1947 Leyland Tiger!


12 thoughts on “Vintage Bus to Miss Christie’s Greenway

  1. would love to ride on that old bus … i have a feeling it vibrates a lot! we just had ou last bookclub dinner for the year, all dressed up and taking the parts of the characters in Agatha Christies’ Murder of Roger Ackroyde … it was lovely fun 😀

  2. First off, i LOVE public transit! I know that’s wierd for an American to say, but I grew up in Boston and the buses/subways/trolleys were (still are!) good there; I got in the habit of hopping them at a very young age. Now as an old person ;), I like the idea of not clogging the air with car exhaust fumes and I hate traffic clogs from too many vehicles! If there’s a bus or other mass transit option available I wish everyone would use it! It’s socially responsible.
    Second, vintage buses are something I love even more! and to think you take a Ferry to get to this cute little vehicle? well that’s SO awesome! What a fun day you must’ve had, If I lived there, I’d have gone along with you! 🙂

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