January Small Stone# Twenty Two

Do you know what? Despite the small stones, I’m really fed up with January. Fed up with walking to and fro to work in snow, sleet and sideways rain, only catching twenty minutes of daylight at lunchtime and getting cold all over again.
So, today my stone is looking forward to spring.
In February there will be Daphne, with its fragrance so strong that it reaches me way before I see it.


In March, I’d like to walk on Dartmoor on a clear day and listen to the hum of bees, awake and busy on the bright golden gorse.


March, what could be lovelier than a Dog’s Tooth Violet,Β the ballerina of the spring garden? I can hardly wait.

Dog's Tooth Violet

These have cheered me up, I hope you like them too!


29 thoughts on “January Small Stone# Twenty Two

  1. You’ve been having a really tough winter if what i’ve read in the weather news is true! Typically, British winters aren’t so snowy?
    Love how you’ve described the Dog’s Tooth Violet! πŸ™‚

  2. Our Spring flowers arrive behind yours. If we’re really lucky may see crocus by end of March; honeysuckle in April (maybe) … everything starts to go crazy in May and June. No wonder I’m crazy for orchids right now. Just bought my third type.

  3. beautiful flowers and perfumes … we dont appreciate them in the same way over here where we are deprived of snow, rain and sideways sleet for most of the year (of course there is a bit of rain, now and then!)

  4. Very beautiful, Gilly. I must confess that through your wonderful posts and spectacular photographs, I have come to know so much about flowers and their names and many more. You and Elizabeth have been my super teachers there. πŸ™‚ Thank you, my sister. πŸ™‚

  5. Patience is cruel, I know. How I wish I had the power to fast forwad time so you don’t walk draggingly anymore. And, I wanna see more what you are planning to catch. It’s gonna get.

  6. Cheered me up too thanks, we had snowdrops peeping through the ground here but not showing their faces yet, they’re probably just waiting for the snow to go now, like the rest of us. πŸ™‚

  7. Lovely pictures and spring dreams – though our spring flower schedule here is more like Cheryl describes in her comment; we’re about two months behind you, I think. Another six or seven weeks before things start to sprout – I want GREEN!

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