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Yesterday as I walked beside the Axe estuary, I heard a little flutter in the cliff beside me. I turned just as robin landed.

My heart sang with joy as he sang to me.robin1

I got a little closer.robin

And then we both travelled on our different journeys.

There are many myths and legends associated with robins. One says that if a robin pecks at a window a death will soon happen. But there are also pagan connections with rebirth,  such as the myth of the killing of the Wren,  the little King of the Waning Year,  by the Robin Redbreast, the new King of the Waxing Year.
My favourite tells of the rebirth of the spirit , when after solstice, the darkness that has ruled since halloween, is overcome by the new light of spring.
And so, I wish you all a very Happy New Year filled with blessings and the  song of birds wherever you travel.

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17 thoughts on “Travel Theme, birds

  1. I love learning about myths and pagan connections. Sooooo interesting. So you call this a robin in your part of the world. It is different from the one in our climate. There is no white on the belly bottom.
    Happy New Year Gilly.

  2. What a lovely bird, singing to you too, it looks so sweet with the WP snow drifting down, I love hearing about the old myths, reminding us of a time when nature was viewed with awe and respect … best wishes for a wonderful year ahead … we are turning towards darkness as you begin the long journey back to light 🙂

  3. what delightful clicks, Gilly. thanks for sharing this moment of joy.
    we have robins here, too, or birds who have the same name, although they look different from the one shown here. in my corner of the planet a robin means that spring is just around the corner.

  4. Omigod! You did it again. I remember I linked a post of your because of your bird pictures. This one’s another keeper. Will keep this picture in mind maybe for future use. 😉 Love the robin myths you included in the post.

  5. Gilly, these are such darling pictures! What a great photographer you are. I can almost never get good pictures of birds. This one is especially pretty. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with such an orange breast.

  6. I read this the day you posted but did not have time to comment. It was funny, becasue that same day, I stopped and watched a little wagtail in the street outside the flat.
    How amazing birds are, and how they brighten our lives.

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