Lens-Artists Landscape

Landscapes really aren’t something I’m any good at, but that’s what Amy challenged us to post, so here I go.


Dartmoor, just a little way north of Scorhill circle, and south west of Gidleigh, this is the Wallabrook clapper bridge. As you know, Scorhill is a place I love.


Back to Dartmoor

A few weeks before Christmas I posted some photos taken on an afternoon trip to the moor, At the time I said I’d be back with a few more, but then l forgot.

I asked if anyone could guess the location, only Jude would have a vague idea, but she was a few miles out.

Think Hounds of the Baskervilles!

Yes, it’s Houndtor, my favourite place on Dartmoor.Well, one of two, or three!