Through the big door

Wandering through Cathedral Close last night with friends, I showed the Californian One the outer door to the Bishops Palace. As it was closed, I put my nose up to the ancient wood and this is what I saw through the gap.

Of course, I had to add it as a last minute entry to Tina’s Lens-Artist challenge, doors and doorways.

The Doors of Tavira

Last year, after a visit to Tavira in the Algarve, I posted about the interesting door knockers there. I always intended to post some photos of the equally interesting doors, but forgot all about it.

Any favourites? Mine is the one that say ‘6door’ when you hover over it.

Then I say Becky’s Thursday Doors post, which has beautiful doors from various places in Portugal, and a link to an earlier post with an almost identical photo to this one.
Like me she found it irresistible!
Do you have a passion for doors? I’ll always remember a silver one I saw in Rajasthan.