Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Okay, I’m confused this week, this is what Cheri over at The Daily Post has to say about near and far.

Near and Far. We’re excited about this week’s photo challenge, near and far, and hope it inspires you to play with perspective, which can give sweeping images of beautiful locations more oomph and power. Perspective is what makes a flat two-dimensional image, such as a photograph, appear like it is three-dimensional. To create this effect, you can use features like diagonal lines, which converge within the frame and literally suck in the viewer.

It’s too complicated for me, or maybe it’s just been a long week! Either way I think I have done the opposite in both of these photos because I don’t know where are the centre points, but here we go anyway.

Any explanations in simple Gypsy speak welcome!



38 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

  1. You want to have something in the foreground of the photo that grabs your eyes and pulls you into the photo. This is called lines of force. So a straight line moving from say the front left that travels to the upper right would be an example of something that moves your eyes in the photo. From “near,” close up, to “far” further off in the distance. See my photos and let me know if this makes sense to you…


    Now go and review photos! I’ll bet you have a “near and far” sitting in the corner staring back at you! Barb – Life in the Foothills, and the SalmonFishingQueen.wordpress.com

  2. I think what they are looking for are pictures that are flat but are actually multi dimentional. Here’s a perfect one: deetoursbydeepali.wordpress.com/2012/09/07/photo-challenge-near-and-fear/

    Then again, I don’t really follow the rules, just like many others.

    And I like how you looked at it stating that you can’t find the focal points on both pictures …. Kudos on the submission, Gilly. Thumb’s up!

  3. I think you caught it rather well. I like both shots, but the second really grabs me. The sign on the pier leads you in, then your eye wanders up the hill to think what an amazing view those houses in the hillside must have. Great example of near and far.

  4. Both of these are fabulous photos, Gilly!!! And both capture your eye and draw you in, so I’d say you have done an excellent job of meeting the challenge. Of course, most of the time, I just take the challenge as a jumping off point, and whatever I feel is the right photo to express what I’m feeling on the subject IS the RIGHT photo as far as I’m concerned.

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