Book Cycle, from tree to book and back again

I’ve just had a trip out to my favourite book shops – well one of them, a book lover could never have just one favourite could she? Book Cycle is a charity shop with a difference, the buyer decides how much to pay. In my case that is to their benefit, because if I gave too little I would feel mean. I imagine that there are people who can only afford 20 pence and that’s okay too. They welcome donations and when I have books I can bear to part with, that’s where they go!

They send some of the donated books to Africa, see the photo, some of the profit goes to paying for the shipments, and they also plant trees . They have a small seed bank and occasionally have planting and fundraising events.

The other wonderful thing is the building they occupy. It’s in one of the oldest parts of the city, in a lovely Tudor timbered house, right next to Mathew the Miller and the House that moved (I’ll post about that one day).

The shop is staffed entirely by volunteers, of all ages, and they have Shelf Cycles in community venues around the city.

Today I found three books, the maximum allowed in a day, all short stories to help me with my creative writing course, and spent less than I would on one new one.

Book Cycle

What do you think of the shop?

28 thoughts on “Book Cycle, from tree to book and back again

    1. It’s fab, I love it! I’d like to check out the Brighton shop one day. Hope you tell him I blogged 🙂
      Love your street photography and wish I was brave enough to try it myself.

  1. I think I could get happily lost in there for days – and probably emerge having offered to volunteer! Enjoy your books – I haven’t read that Jhumpa Lahiri collection, but she’s generally good, isn’t she?

  2. I love the ambiance. Old world, yet bookish, bookish yet inviting–did a see a sofa around the corner? THAT would make this spot my home away from home. I love anything, anyplace, anywhere with books housed within.

  3. We need more shops like these that cares for people and the environment. For once we have something that is not all about gaining and consumerism. I will gladly buy one too knowing somewhere in the world, someone is getting the gift og knowledge.

  4. Fabulous idea. Wish ther was something like that on the Isle of Wight ~ I would spend a lot of time in there ~ possibly as a volunteer. Thanks for telling us about it, Gilly 🙂

  5. What a wonderful building and to be surrounded by books is the ultimate gift of all. I love that they share their wealth with Africa and the community. It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

  6. Hey, Gilly, do you know anything about Jake Sprinter? I’m a little concerned since we didn’t hear anything from him this Sunday, and he never fails to do a Sunday challenge — usually posted on Saturday my time — and this is Tuesday already. I posted a comment on his site, checking on him, but of course, if he’s having computer problems, he wouldn’t have gotten it. I’m just praying he’s not having more serious problems, and I wondered if you just might happen to know more about him.

    1. I know I’ve been thinking about him and checking his site a couple of times a day! I’ve checked for anything happening in the Philippines too but nothing. Let’s hope he’s okay, I’m sure he’ll be back soon, he is so dedicated.

  7. OMG … Gilly, I love this idea. It is a fabulous way to get books to those who do not have them. I am going to mention this at my next book club meeting. It is such a generous way to do something that is completely painless. Well – except with having to part with a book. But, there’s always a few that need to go to happier homes. Great post, my dear.

  8. Hi when ever your in the North of England , drop into Wigan just walking distance from the town center You will find another Book-Cycle in Old Beech Hill library .Opened up , less than a year ago and already a hub of the community .Sakeenah one of the volunteers from Exeter is helping out for a week , in the one in Rome ! Shelf cycles , are dotted all around Britain , although a mini version of the shops , it does bring like minded people together , and , a place to take your books..So go on their website and find out what they are all about !

    1. Hi Joan, thanks for dropping by. I’m delighted to hear that there is a Book-Cycle up in Wigan and Rome – well that’s simply wonderful. I’ve been on the website many times, in fact the images under gigs are mine, taken on World Peace Day!

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