Oldway Mansion

I took you to Oldway recently to show you Mr Singer’s Sewing Machines and now as promised here are some photos of the house. It’s currently owned by Torbay council and has been a popular wedding venue. Sadly it needs some major renovations and is now for sale as a potential hotel. I’m glad I went to see it before that happens.

Click on any image for a bigger view.

12 thoughts on “Oldway Mansion

  1. Seeing these photos of Oldway reminds me so much of the summer “cottages” in Newport (RI). Amazing to think about the craftsmen who created them…do people like that even exist today?!
    Any idea of the asking price for this property?

  2. What amazes me most about houses like this is – how on earth did anybody manage to carry out their daily life in surroundings like that? (Then again, years ago we toured William Randolph Hearst’s California mansion, which was supposedly kept the way he left it – right down to the ridiculously ordinary bottle of catsup on the huge dining room table! So I guess it can be done.)

    1. Absolutely, I’m wondering is a bunch of us could persuade Meg to fly to London next year so we could all meet. Jude and Meg have already met – lucky things, but wouldn’t it be fab if it could happen?

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