Travel Theme: Symbol

I like symbols, trying to work out the meaning of them and learning about the origins. The ones I’ve chosen are English, with one exception, and span early English history through to the 20th century.
The Royal Mail symbol, to be found on bright red post boxes all over the UK. It’s current incarnation has the initials E11R, Elizabeth the Second reigns, but earlier ones have GV1R and even VR can occasionally be found.
dieu et mon droit_edited-2
Dieu et Mon Droit. God and my right (shall me defend)was the battle cry of Richard the Lionheart. With it’s lion and unicorn, it’s now the royal coat of arms and refers to the divine right of the monarch to govern.
tudor rose
The Tudor Rose is the floral heraldic emblem of England. It was adopted by Henry 7th, it joined the red rose of Lancaster with the white rose of York after the war between the two royal houses.
green man
Lastly, the Green Man, a pagan symbol of fertility that can be found not just in England but also France and across Europe. It’s a pre-Christian symbol that can be found in many churches – this one is from Spreyton in mid Devon – how interesting that a pagan symbol survived in parallel with Christianity. Perhaps they were hedging their bets when it came to mans reliance on nature!

There will be lots of symbols over at Ailsa’s place, check them out

and click on my photos to see a bigger view!

11 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Symbol

  1. I like all your choices of symbols Gilly. It’s so interesting to know what they mean and to understand symbols we see everyday. I’ve gone down a similar route πŸ™‚
    I love finding green men tucked away in old churches, they always make me smile.

  2. I find it hard to make something out of symbols for me to share it on my blog, unless of course it’s familiar or easy to determine. I think you photograph these symbols very well with zooming in the shots and catching the detail.
    Urgh! The fact that you talk about Tudor, Elizabeth, Henry, and such and such makes me so jealous and desire so bad to be there.

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