100 Steps for Chittle Chattle in December

Today began with horrid fog so I was happy that the sun came out in time for my lunchtime walk. I decided to go out of the back gate from work, and across the road to where a childrens play area leads to a very peaceful area of houses. I rarely see a soul there, but there are lovely avenues of trees and a couple of very big, old ones that have been kept thank goodness. This time I noticed a gap between two houses that I’d never seen before, so I crossed and went through. It led to a curved footpath with trees either side, so I walked the hundred metres or so until it opened up to a grassy area with more houses across the other side. Then I remembered Chittle Chattle’s hundred steps walks, I haven’t done one for a while, so I turned back the way I came and counted my hundred. This is what my phone and I saw.







Do you have a lunchtime stroll? If you do then next time take your phone out, snap and count as you do, you’ll be surprised what you notice.


16 thoughts on “100 Steps for Chittle Chattle in December

  1. I do take a lunchtime stroll almost every day, usually a couple of miles, but unfortunately my scenery is not nearly as nice a yours. Mine is along a busy street and through an industrial area, but at least I can get out and get some exercise. 🙂

  2. You are inquisitive and take wonderful pictures. Did you know that a walk in nature at lunchtime does your brain good, refreshes it. Much better than walking down a busy street for the same length of time. YOU are doing it right and your pictures are enjoyed by all of us. 😀 Thank you.

  3. How very odd, I couldn’t find this last night, hence my probably strange comment in reply to yours. So glad you did this, I loved seeing your photographs. There are often little havens in unlikely places if we just look, and a lunchtime walk is very good for the soul. Thanks for joining in, Gilly.

  4. Alas, not often do I stroll in my lunch break. It’s half an hour and I’m usually so busy I don’t want to take the break. But sometimes I do… and it really does make a difference.

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