In the shade of the prickles

Gunnera Manicata are one of those plants that became trendy in gardens open to the public a couple of decades ago. A plant big enough to stand under that makes a bold statement beside water, it needs a lot of space. In fact it may need far more space than we’re prepared to give it. A similar variety, G, tinctoria appears to be the worse culprit, but both manicata could also be invasive. Last summer I saw a gunnera, which looks like a giant rhubarb, in the mill leat close to the Exe.

This photo was taken at a National Trust garden a few years ago. I could easily stand under the leaves, but had to be careful of the prickles. Becky’s spikes are unusual today, check them out here.


A Prickly Sunday smile

Goose grass, cleavers, or Galium Aparine can be found all over Europe. My childhood favourite name for it was sticky buds. Hands up who’s crept up behind some unsuspecting soul and thrown it onto their back, or worse, realised someone’s done it to you and you’ve been walking around with it for hours.

Last weekend I was playing with my biggest grand daughter on Tree Island when she decided to crown me  with a mound of cleavers and a feather.

This may seem like a stretch for a spiny, pointy, spiky square, but up close they have millions of tiny prickles!

Becky has mega thorns today, not the kind to brush against, a bit like me when I’m tired 🙂

Lens-Artist Challenge

This week it’s Amy’s turn to choose the theme for the challenge, and I could post lots for architecture. I pulled out photos from various places around the world but then thought of Mucem, a place I visited last year and really fell in love with.

Built in 2013, the museum stands guard at the end of the harbour and is linked to the 17th century Fort St Jean, by a footbridge. It’s a big cube, covered by a dark lattice that frames the views through to the sea. It was built on reclaimed land and when you’re there it feels almost as if you’re on the water.

In the background, the Roman Catholic Cathedrale La Major is Byzantine-Roman Revival style, with green and white stone that reminds me of Florence.

Between the two buildings, old and new, stands the Villa Mediterranee. Not visible in my photo, there’s a large cantilever over a pool,which has a glass panelled floor if you’re brave enough to walk across. I wish I’d gone inside.

There’s still time to enter and Amy’s beautiful photos were taken at the wonderful Machu Picchu.

Delicate spikes

As soft as spikes can be, Love in the mist, nigella damascena is a pretty annual that self seeds, turning up in shades of blue, pink, purple and white. It’s one of the plants I remember and love from early childhood. It’s my entry for Becky’s march square challenge today. The theme, is very open, photos can be prickly, spiky, sharp, jagged, pointy etc. as long as they’re square.

Join Becky here.

March Spiky squares

Well it’s the third of march already and I’m finally joining Becky’s square challenge. She says that as long as our photos are square, they can be, ‘ spiky, jagged, pointy, bristly, serrated, prickly, spiny, and/or barbed.’

I wonder how many cactus photos we’ll see in March.

These can be found high above the beach at Sidmouth in a little greenhouse that’s been there for years. I may have some more cactus later in the month, it depends how hard the challenge becomes, Join in here and see how far outside the box and creative B gets.