Rosemoor, the Hot Garden in September

I’ve posted about Rosemoor before here when I visited in winter for the sculpture exhibition. Being a Royal Horticultural Society garden, it is absolutely beautiful all year round and in late summer they have a ‘hot garden’ with a real wow factor, that my photos don’t really capture. It will give you an idea though and who knows maybe one day you  will visit. 

As always click for a bigger view and I’ll be back again soon with some more of the garden.

18 thoughts on “Rosemoor, the Hot Garden in September

    1. How lovely to hear from you! I’m good thanks and hope you are too? Always enjoy seeing you and Kevs photos from your travels, why don’t you start a travel blog on here and post them? Gx

  1. We were there last week, the hot garden is a delight as always and I love the veg garden and the orchard – the trees so full of fruit! Lovely place, I became a member even though it’s an hour’s drive we go regularly. Great pictures, too.

  2. At the beginning of the post I wondered what could be unusually hot about a specific garden, beyond normal late summer it’s-hot-everywhere weather. But your photos answer that question, I think, and what a wonderful display of hot summery colors!

  3. So so so gorgeous, Gilly. My bee and sunflower really feels awkward now that I shared it. I knew it should’ve stayed on the dump file. Hehe. Sorry if I always exaggerate it a lot of times, but you are one of those blogs that I look up to and that I always get taken aback sharing what I have when I can’t compare the expertise and professionalism others have.

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