A Quick Gallery Visit

Barnfield Crescent is tucked away in the heart of Exeter and as well as the offices of architects, accountants and solicitors, it’s home to Gloss Art Exeter. They currently have a temporary exhibition of South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts and I popped in for a peek yesterday. Here are a few of my favourite pieces. I hope you enjoy them!


Thursday’s Windows Week 10

This week my photo is a mix of window, clock and turret! It’s the window under the Totnes Clock, at Eastgate. In 1990 it was rebuilt after a serious fire that virtually destroyed the arch and damaged surrounding buildings. The other side has a single window but I like the view down hill. This post is part of Sandra’s windows and you can see more at http://sandraconner.wordpress.com/2012/11/21/photo-challenge-thursdays-windows-week-10/


100 Words for Grown Ups – Week# 67

Julia decided that as the recent challenges have been sombre, this week she would try to lighten things up. The prompt . . . I really tried not to laugh . . . made me think of my afternoon.

Hysterical Boredom

 Doodling. That’s what kept me awake through a two hour VAT seminar. I wondered what the senior manager sitting behind me, thought of the back of my head, and then wondered if other people think about such things.

The doodle began as high pressure straight lines, and slowly became a gentle floral design, based on the PowerPoint presenting auditor’s dress.

I smiled sleepily when she joked about VAT on Tulisa’s autobiography and a war game for X Box  When she talked about contraceptive products and autopsy fees, without drawing breath, I really tried not to laugh but it was a tax too far.

Butts Ferry and Exeter quay

It was a gorgeous afternoon for a stroll so I took the border terrorists and the camera down to the quay. The two don’t go together too well so the photos aren’t the best but you’ll get the idea. I did a circle down to the weir, across the suspension bridge – the dogs don’t like it because it bounces – then back over the blue bridge to where I began.

If you don’t want to walk up to the bridge, or if you just want a minute on the water, you can catch the ferry. If you do though you might just miss Fifi! I saw her gliding along with the gang, the odd one out of course, but looking good. In fact not only is she well, she’s getting rather stroppy, putting a much larger Mute in its place. Not too worry,by the time they emerged on the other side of the bridge it was peaceful again and off they went in search of the next bread throwing child.

Jake’s Sunday Post: Architecture

I love architecture, the differences around the world and thoughout history. I’m a small city kind of girl, so when I visit somewhere like Kuala Lumpur I’m bowled over. Here is a view of some of KL’s architecture taken from the KLTower – an amazing building itself.


Visit http://jakesprinters.wordpress.com/2012/11/17/sunday-post-architecture/ for some more architecture.

Travel Theme: Mystical

How do you capture an image that you could call mystical? My most mystical experience was at at ceremony in a temple in India, but of course I was too in the moment to think about photos. I might post something from Dartmoor as well, but meanwhile I hope this fits the bill. Stone Lane

Look closely and you will see two boxing hares.

This is for Ailsa’s challenge over at Where’s My Backpack if you would like to join in.