Grand Western Canal

I walked at the canal again today, starting from the Jubilee bridge this time. It does a horseshoe loop that is quiet disorientating, you feel as if you’ve turned around on yourself. It started cold but once the sun broke through it became a gorgeous day for a stroll, towards Halberton. 2013 Mar 17_3573

The tow path winds its way through the Devon countryside for eleven miles.

2013 Mar 17_3579

With lovely views of farmland.

2013 Mar 17_3582

Under some very old bridges, the Devon section of the canal opened in 1814 so the bridges must be roughly the same age.

2013 Mar 17_3587

It was a muddy day and welly boots were called for – sadly I wasn’t wearing mine! Never mind, it was worth it to see this stunning tree.

2013 Mar 17_3591

There is lots of wildlife, but I took the wrong lens. When I was there a few weeks ago I had the zoom lens and needed the the standard, this time if I had the zoom I could have got a decent shot of . . . I’m hoping the Hobbit will tell me?

2013 Mar 17_cropped

If you live in the UK you will have heard about the damage to the canal bank in November last year when many parts of the country suffered severe floods. This gallery shows some of the damage, and the temporary dams that are in place to prevent further problems until the repairs begin. Thankfully Devon County Council have budgeted three million pounds to rebuild the thirty metre breach in the embankment. The work begins in June and will take nearly a year to complete.

Now I’ll leave you with a photo from the end of today’s walk, hope you enjoyed it.

2013 Mar 17_3633


28 thoughts on “Grand Western Canal

  1. those long towpaths must provide wonderful walking opportunities … even if you need your wellies … but the final photo is a triumph of spring erupting … the classic beauty of the english countryside … and what a good thing the canal bank is being repaired … do canal boats still use that stretch?

      I posted above a few weeks ago, there is a picture of the horse drawn barge that operates trips along the canal. I don’t think it will do very well this year because of the breach a section is closed. The canal is great for walking and cycling all year round. I’m glad you like the last photo, I nearly didn’t use it because of the polythene stuff keeping the soil warm, but it was there and perhaps it adds something to the image. Thanks for your lovely visits 🙂

      1. We have 5 different specie of Buzzards here and I didn’t want to be presumptuous and say I thought it was a Jackal Buzzard as I don’t know if it comes there… but it sure looks identical to our Jackal buzzard… great capture by the way…

  2. What a beautiful winter walk. I love the colour of blue the sky goes in winter 🙂 yesterday I did a lovely walk along the beach, but today winter has covered everything with snow again!

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