Travel Theme: Through

Take a stroll through the medina in Marrakech and you will find the 19th century Bahia Palace. The entrance takes you through lush gardens with banana, bamboo, bougainvillea.

bahia bananas

Look up at each threshold, the tiled ceilings are beautiful.

bahia ceiling

And so is the Jali.
bahia jali

Take a peep through at your daughter if she came too.
bahia Nina!

Glimpse through to the courtyard.
bahia 2

and look through the window to a room that was once a concubines.
bahia palace
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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

Sidmouth in Devon has lovely Georgian and Regency houses on the seafront, most of which are now hotels. They make a real effort in summer with their hanging baskets which soften the lines and patterns of the windows and doors.

2013 Aug 01_6564_edited-2

This is my entry for the weekly photo challenge but I think I’ll be back with more because I particularly like the idea. Thanks to Cheri Lucas Rowlands,

Lazy Poets Thursday Poem

wooden woman


Once I was fertile fecund my flowers

were the favoured of bees by the swarm

birds spread my seed unaware of north south divide

now I stand hacked worn and idle baking in the sun

with most of the life sucked from me

but my foot is damp there is hope yet

should you move me a few steps to this rich earth

I may send down roots

But perhaps you would prefer to preserve

rescue me I am of good wood

and will outlast these pitiful shrubs that surround me

just oil me polish me to a shine

I’ll stand as statue in a palatial pleasure gallery

and be stroked by appreciative hands

A Walk on Dartmoor

For my lazy poet Thursday I posted a photo of the Ten Commandments of Dartmoor and as Bulldog at was intrigued I said I’d do a post about it. Each blue square on this map is just one kilometre but don’t be fooled into thinking this is a really easy walk, if your knees aren’t brilliant and you have asthma it is still exercise.

DSC_0630We couldn’t find anywhere to park in Buckland in the Moor, so we drove on to Cold East Cross, parked beside the road and walked up Beacon common.


This is the view as you approach the stones, looking towards the beacon plantation.  Incidently the Beacon here was lit as part of a chain of fires to mark both the millenium and the Queen’s jubilee.



So to the Commandment stones. In 1928 a local landowner William Whitely commissioned WA Clement, a stonemason from Exmouth to carve the tablets with 1547 letters at a cost of £50. Mr Clement lived in a hut nearby while he carried out the work which took about 9 weeks. As well as the Commandments there is a favourite quote of Whitely’s,

But there’s a power, which man can wield

When mortal aid is vain,

That eye, that arm, that love to reach,

The listening ear to gain

That power is prayer.

The stones were re-carved in 1995 by the Dartmoor National Park Authority. These are some more views from the beacon.

Heading back down you follow the granite wall.7

Enjoy the peace and clean air.


Perhaps a muddy cool down – I’ve shown you this one in an earlier post!


Smile if your knees aren’t completely wrecked!



Find a shady spot to dip your toes in the icy water.


and make sure the dogs are dunked clean!

I hope you enjoyed the walk and learning a little more about the Ten Commandments of Dartmoor.

Inside Houdou

In the heart of the medina in Marrakech lies a beautiful haven of peace. Even it’s name, Houdou, means serenity, in Arabic. It’s a 17th century mansion, with an inner courtyard, shady and green with citrus trees and the ever present buntings chanting their song. The roof is part shaded and part in full sun, a lovely place to rest and enjoy a view of the Atlas on a clear day. There is a hammam and if you’re too hot from shopping in the souk, there is a plunge pool to cool you down. Food is freshly prepared, local but with influences from the French owners.

I’ve tried to show you what it’s like INSIDE a traditional riad, I hope you like it and if ever you visit Marrakech I recommend it highly!
Can you show us Inside? Maybe you would like to see other interpretations to inspire you.