Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

There are some very clever tips at the Daily Post today http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/11/02/weekly-photo-challenge-geometry/

Now, I’m sure the geometry was accurate in these three very old cathedrals but sadly craning my neck and holding a camera still and straight has made them look a touch wonky! Here is Gloucester cathedral.


and last, the best of all is Exeter

check out the fan vaulting in my earlier post if you don’t believe me! https://lucidgypsy.wordpress.com/2012/04/28/exeter-cathedral-2/

As I looked up, Lynne looked down!http://lynneayersbeyondthebrush.wordpress.com/2012/11/02/dont-forget-to-look-down/#

And here is a newbie with a lovely quilt!


Exeter Cathedral

The word cathedra means seat of a Bishop and the building of Exeter’s began in 1112 on ground that had been used by a religious community since the 7th century. These are the organ pipes, the biggest is 11 metres tall.

The Exeter Astronomical Clock dates from the 15th century and always fascinated me as a child. 

With its complicated workings. 

With angels watching over them, a monument to the 2nd Earl and Countess of Devon, from the 14th century.

A section of tapestry on a bench

and another tomb, this one 19th century, the Macdonalds from the isle of Skye.

An 18th century clergyman

Some little details that I like

This stone screen or pulpitum was built between 1317 and 1325

and the view through is of the Quire.

Above the Quire is the organ in a 17th century case

My favourite part of the cathedral has always been the lady Chapel but today I couldn’t take photos because of a service so this one is courtesy of   © Copyright Neil Kennedy and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

A view of the pulpit with the organ in the background

and the detail of the pulpit

Looking high

Some ceiling bosses

The West Front Window

and I saved the best until last, the vault was created as a vision of heaven in the Tierceron style. St Peters has the longest continuous medieval vault in the world, around 96 metres.

So what do you think of Exeter’s glorious cathedral?

I’m adding this photo for http://beeblu.wordpress.com/category/home/ sorry its not very good but you can read a little more about the clock!

Exeter Cathedral 1

Just a quickie taken with my mobile tonight. The cathedral has had scaffolding up for  a very long time while they were doing restorative work. For several months the Occupy people were there and they left a mess. It was so nice to see it in all its glory. The stone masons have done such a good job on this thousand year old building, so I wanted to share it.

St Peters Cathedral Exeter

Occupy St Peters

The 900 year old Cathedral of St Peter in Exeter was subject to a clean up after it became a ‘hang out’ for street homeless, drug and alcohol users. They had begun to turn the grounds of this place of worship, tourist attraction and place where locals relaxed, into a mess. It now has strict rules of behaviour in its beautiful green environs. That is, until last month when ‘Occupy’ arrived.

Now there are up to thirty people camping out on the once pristine lawns, complete with dogs, small children and banners. There are around fifteen tents which include a kitchen,

library and even one they call the university. They plan to continue their protest indefinitely and have even had a sculpture created by a sympathetic, anonymous artist.

The last few days has seen the first drop in temperature in what has been a very mild autumn, so we will see.

I wandered around the green with my camera snapping away until a man approached me saying ‘We don’t mind photos as long as you ask before taking pictures of people.’ I said that I hadn’t taken any of people perhaps a bit defensively because I really wanted to; he allowed me to snap him and liked the result. There were lots to see besides people though.

At the far edge towards the cobbled path I stood to watch an ex military type tent being put up, I’ve never seen a tent of its size go up so quickly. No sooner had they rammed in the last peg than the very irritated Dean arrived to remonstrate with them, it was a canvas too far for him, but he has been very tolerant of their presence to date.

I asked a couple of guys what they would be doing if they weren’t there – I really wanted to know what they lived on – and they said they would be somewhere else protesting about something else. Protesting is a profession then? Perhaps to be studied at their ‘University’.

One young man, a lot smarter, told me that he wasn’t camping because he had to go to college and work. He arrived every morning at 6.30 to ‘help’ for a couple of hours, went to lectures and work and then returned every evening. ‘Help’ was clearing up rubbish, very noble but why couldn’t they all clear up their own? There wasn’t any rubbish around but the tents that were open looked pretty untidy as tents do. This tender sixteen year old also cooks and does whatever is asked of him, apparently he is very dedicated. I confess to being a political ignoramus so his awareness of the cause and willingness to put his normal life on hold is impressive, he will go far when he finds his path.

If it seems that I am negative about Occupy it’s not intended, it really is that I am uninformed, she says shamefaced. In the days when Swampy tree-housed on the A30, see      https://lucidgypsy.wordpress.com/2011/10/27/hitching-a-ride/  I could keep up with him, but this bigger stuff has left me behind. I’m actually touched by these people, most of all by their wish list pinned to a post.