Travel Theme: Foliage, Return to Rosemoor

Ailsa has highlighted that as we in the Northern hemisphere are entering autumn, those of you down south are enjoying spring. If you follow me you’ll know that I would rather be in constant summer. I’ve chosen to revisit Rosemoor to show you  some of the pretty foliage to be found there.

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13 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Foliage, Return to Rosemoor

  1. Beautiful lush foliage! I have not seen much green anything, since our drought started. Though we did get rain recently and the grass now need mowed. Thank you for sharing 😉

  2. Oh, Gilly, I’m with you on this one! I’d love to be surrounded by that lush green of high summer all the time – every plant in sight photosynthesizing its heart out. The pictures are wonderful.

  3. I’m always in awe of gardens that have been brought to these atistic level.
    The bushes have beautiful shapes. My hubby has started shaping our trees and bushes in that way. We don’t have many but he’s quite good. He was inspired by the movie “”Edward Sizzerhands”. ~~~~~~: – ) Actually, we have a few wonderful gardens here that we visit.
    Let me not forget the stunning leaf with the water droplets. Awesome ….!!!!
    Happy Weekend ….

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